November ends with a bang

Yesterday, the last day of November 2011, two excellent things happened in my corner of the academic world:

1.  The first volume of my supervisor’s newest project arrived in the post;

2.  A friend and fellow Instituter debuted as an “expert on German theatre” on BBC Radio3.


1.  Martin Wiggins, in association with Catherine RichardsonBritish Drama 1533-1642: A Catalogue.

The OUP site calls the catalogue an “unparalleled and comprehensive resource”, and it’s not exaggerating.  Plays known in full, in fragment, and in absence are given equal attention.  Plays are placed in chronological order of composition (whenever possible), with everything from plot summary, to attribution work, to props needed – on every known copy and edition of each dramatic work.  You may not swoon right now about the years 1533-66, but imagine how much you’ll use the volumes covering the late 1580s through the 1620s.  Why not have a complete set?

[Purchase note:  Vol. 1 is currently £85 on the OUP UK site, and $160 on the US site.  If you can, buy it from the British site – it’s cheaper, even with exchange rates.]

2.  Emily Oliver, a brilliant mind (pianist, friend, etc). I’d say ‘keep your eye on this one’, but that sounds a bit creepy.]


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