word(s) of the day


As in this splendid and ever-so-useful proverb:

‘If thou steal not my kale break not my dike’ (Tilley K4).

[Where kale means broth (obvi), and dike means… um…]


As in ‘bowling’. Little known fact: J. M. Barrie was once called the ‘Laureate of Skittles’ (E. J. Linney, A History of the Game of Bowls).


As in Samuel Pepys’ sad story: ‘I went up to her and played and talked with her and, God forgive me, did feel her; which I am much ashamed of, but I did no more, though I had so much a mind to it that I spent in my breeches’ (Diary III).

[I didn’t need to know this was a euphemism for ejaculation as early as 1662, but I do now, so, now so do you.]

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