Page 52

According to the all-knowing Facebook, it’s International Book Week, and to honour the occasion, we are all to grab the nearest book, turn to page 52, and post the fifth sentence as our own status.

As I happen to have a stack of four books equally close to me, three of which I got in the mail just this week*, I’m going to give you all four sentences and let you guess which each one belongs to. And then, if you read this and feel like, post your own in the comments.

The books:

British Drama 1533-1642: A Catalogue, vol. 2; The Humorous Magistrate (Osborne); The Downfall of Robert Earl of HuntingtonThe Humorous Magistrate (Arbury).

The lines:

1. ‘And welcome is your sacred Maiestie.’

2. ‘The more you stay, you are in the greater danger of being surprised, the amazed crow recouers.’

3. ‘I tell you Sr my tong hath not [potentia] a capacitye / T’express my meaning with so quick deliury / As I conceiue her praises.’

4. ‘It is unlikely that we shall ever know.’


*It was an exciting week for home library acquisitions! In addition to three of the books listed above, I also got my own copy of The Oxford Handbook of Early Modern Theatre (Richard Dutton, ed.), and a gorgeous  illustrated copy of Franz Kafka’s Amerika, courtesy The Folio Society via the Literary Festival at Woodstock. Just look at the cover:


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