the research

You were curious?

I’m a research student at the Shakespeare Institute, part of the University of Birmingham.  This blog is my casual outlet for those fascinating (though peripheral) discoveries, delights, and diversions which inevitably crop up over the seasons of a lengthy research project.

Said project is a modernized critical edition of the Admiral’s Men play ‘Look About You’, first published in 1600, author unattributed.  My background is a mix of professional and academic theatre (as dramatug, actor, director, and audience) and literary and historical research, focusing on the early modern period in England.  I guess I could just say ‘commercial theatre, now and then’, but that sounds like a bad advert.  It’s my goal to collect the practicalities and theories of modern practice to create the most useful-and-still-bibliographically-sound text possible.  What was once a practical document should remain, at least in one incarnation, a practical document.

At this point in my process it’s time to get serious about annotations.  And annotation is a full garden, indeed.  As I weed through the obscure and archaic, expect posts.  As I manoeuvre myself through what’s happening now, expect posts.  As I take breaks to placate my growing fear, expect me to have a dram and read a novel for fun.  Then, probably, expect posts.

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